Alternatives To Doing Your Own Mental Health Billing

Whenever a mental health professional starts his or her practice, they usually do mental health billing on their own. This can be a good thing at first because learning more about the business they are in allows them to grow as professionals. However, after they have seen how mental health billing works, they have to take into consideration one important aspect: is it to their advantage to keep doing mental health billing themselves?

The answer is no. By continuing to do their own billing, mental health professionals will only spend more money than using other services, they will waste precious time that can be put to better use and, on the long run, they will also lose patients. So, what are their alternatives?
Well, they could hire people to do mental health billing for them or they could use a mental health billing service.

Hiring staff to do mental health billing is the first option. However, this alternative is only effective on the long run. First of all, the staff must be accommodated and if your practice does not have enough room, this could result in extra expenses for you. Secondly, if you choose to hire inexperienced people, you will pay them less, but you will invest more money in their training. Moreover, you will be also investing time in your new staff and before they have reached a level of experience you are comfortable with, you would have spent a considerable amount of money, not to mention you would have wasted a lot of precious time. On the other hand, you could hire an expert to do mental health billing for you. In this case, the wage you would have to pay him or her is far greater than minimum wage. Furthermore, if you decide to hire your own people to do mental health billing for you, you will also have to comply with employees/ employer laws and again spend money and time on their payrolls.

Using a mental health billing service is the other alternative. This is a far better choice. First of all, by a using health billing service, you can control the amount of money you spend on billing. Payments can be made either per service, as percentage or per claim. Second of all, you receive the insurance money a lot faster. Most of the times, mental health professionals refuse to work with insured patients because of the paperwork involved. By using a mental health billing service, everything is done on the computer, using flexible software. This way, the mental health professional receives his or her money in a timely fashion and, subsequently, increases the number of the patients by receiving more insured clients. Last but not least, if they choose to use a mental health billing service, they will have an experienced person working for them. No training will be required and no time will be wasted on trying to achieve a desired level of expertise.

Mental health professionals must know how to make the bet use of their time and money if they want a successful business. Using their own staff may be more comfortable for them, but business is not about comfort, it is about moving ahead. In this case, a mental health billing service is the best choice for every mental health professional’s practice.

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